Schedule & Booster Club

Vivian Pritts

Wheeler Girls Lacrosse Schedule Spring 2015
Date Opponent Location Bus Departure Time SNACK Subway Pickup Water/fitness drink
            Prepaid by Program  
10-Feb Pope at Pope 6pm Pritts Maloney Pritts
18-Feb Roswell Being Rescheduled TBD 5:55pm Bufka Maloney Bufka
5-Mar Hillgrove Cancelled Home Cancellled NA Cancelled
9-Mar Lassiter at Lassiter 6:15pm 7:30pm No Snack/Eat at home or BYO to school Destiny Whitaker
11-Mar Cherokee at Cherokee 4:00pm 5:45pm Taylor Maloney Goodwin
14-Mar Cy-Fair LAX, TX Home 2:00pm Aninye- Hospitality for Texas team Aninye – for both teams
24-Mar Pope Home 5:55pm Campos NA Brittany Furlong
25-Mar Milton at Milton 4:15pm 5:55pm Christlee Elmera Maloney Brown
27-Mar Woodstock Home 5:55pm Hain NA Celeste Hendrey
2-Apr MLK, Jr Home 6:00pm Bellamy Senior Night – Maloney Nandi
14-Apr Walton Home 6:00pm Johnson NA Elissaint
15-Apr Campbell at Campbell 4:00pm 5:30pm Leslie Maloney Chayilah Lowery
20-Apr East Coweta at East Coweta 4:00pm 5:55pm Kim Maloney Kim
23-Apr Creekview Home 5:45pm Hannah Obenhoff   Maloney
28-Apr North Cobb at North Cobb 4:15pm 5:30pm Leydon Maloney Leydon
29-Apr Etowah at Etowah 4:30pm 5:30pm St. George Maloney Matas
Provide enough for 29 people (24 players, 3 managers and 2 coaches)
AWAY GAMES – should be grab and go – they pack a brown bag lunch with the subway sandwich provided by the team
Example:  Sandwich paid by team funds to be picked up at Subway, a  individual chip bag and a piece of fruit and granola bar
Water – Bring at least 48 waters.  30 bottles will be provided with the snack and they can refill it and take it with them/bring their own bottle to refill.
HOME GAMES – Snack in the Café
Snack foods – chips, fruit, bars etc.
*Anything that makes great fuel before the girls are going to have run several miles during a game
Game Drinks
Fitness Water/Gatorade/ – At least 30 large bottles or 48 small ones (the small are better so they don’t get wasted)  –
Water – At least 30 bottles

Volunteer Schedule for Statistic Keeper, Announcer and Transportation will be posted soon.


Cobb County School District Administrative Rule KJA “Relations with Booster Organizations”  (link is a .PDF)