• Our Pies & our Quality

There has been a lot of press recently about "pink slime" which is a processing by-product used as a cheap filler in commercially packed ground beef.   Doesn't sound too appetizing does it?  It doesn't to us, either.  We are foodies, are in the industry, and we were disgusted, too,  when he heard about this practice!    

But never fear when you buy from the Australian Bakery Cafe!   We retain full control over the quality of our USDA "Grade A" top round beef used in our pies.  How?  WE GRIND IT OURSELVES, IN THE BAKERY, DAILY.  We add none of that by-product, nor do we pump up the volume of the meat with cheap broth or water.  The same applies to the chicken and the lamb in the pies.   We buy whole cuts of chicken breast and whole leg of lamb, and roast, then dice them to bake into the pies.

You buy quality at the Australian Bakery - you GET quality at the Australian Bakery, and we're rightly proud of that. 

It's really the ONLY way to do business.  We believe that our customers agree.