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Cappuccino, Espresso, Lattés, Coffee, Flavored Coffee, Assorted Hot Tea, Juices, Milk, Iced coffee,

Soft drinks,  Sweet & Unsweet Tea, & Water.


All of our breads and sandwich rolls are hand made Australian Style or Artisan Breads,

which are baked fresh in our store every day.

Sweet Delights

Please check our display case daily for fresh made, new and intriguing sweet delights,

as well as our signature items listed at the back of this menu.

All made by hand in our store.

Breakfast Menu.- (served all day)

Aussie Breakfast Pies  :   $3.75 each

Ham, Mushroom & Onion Pie

Sausage, Egg, Onion & Cheese Pie

Bacon, Egg, & Onion Pie

*Spinach, Feta Cheese & Onion Pie

* Garden Vegetable

Breakfast Wraps                                          $3.75

Sausage Roll                                                $2.90


Croissant Or Biscuit           $3.50 each

Made to order - Ham, Bacon or Sausage (choose one meat)

              Add Cheddar or Swiss cheese and/or scrambled eggs                   


Bagel:              $1.85 each

Plain, Whole Wheat, Cinnamon Raisin

Everything, Sesame or Poppy

(Served with Strawberry OR Plain Cream Cheese OR Butter)


Danish:            $2.25 each 

Maple Pecan Twist, Blackberry Fan, Strawberry Cream Cheese,

Chocolate, Toffee Swirl, Apple, Jelly.

Selection will vary daily     


Muffins                  $1.95 each

Assorted flavors, ask us what we have today.


Soup of the Day or Chili

In a bread bowl                                    $4.25

In a cup                                               $2.95


Salads – made to order


Large $4.65               Small $3.20


*Garden Salad

Tomatoes, shredded carrot, red onion, cucumbers and your choice of dressing on a bed of romaine

*Greek Salad 

Black olives, feta cheese, red peppers and red onions on a bed of romaine  

*Cranberry Walnut Salad 
Tomatoes, shredded carrot, sprouts, cucumbers, walnuts and dried cranberries
with your choice of dressing on a bed of romaine

Caesar Salad

Croutons, Parmesan cheese, & special Caesar dressing on a bed of romaine.


Add Chicken, Turkey, Tuna Salad, or Chicken Salad for $1.95 extra


* Denotes Vegetarian Item



Aussie Meat Piesä


“Australia’s Original Pie!                         $3.85

USDA Sirloin Beef, cooked in special seasoned gravy, baked

in our Aussie homemade crust, with a flaky pastry top.


Aussie Steak & Cheese Pie                       $4.00

USDA Sirloin Beef, seasoned gravy, cheese sauce


Steak & Onion Pie                                    $4.00

USDA Sirloin Beef, seasoned gravy & diced onion      


Steak, Cheese, & Onion Pie                     $4.00

USDA Sirloin Beef, seasoned gravy, cheese sauce & onion


Steak & Mushroom Pie                            $4.00

USDA Sirloin Beef, seasoned gravy  & mushrooms


Steak & Kidney Pie                                  $4.40

USDA Sirloin Beef, seasoned gravy & real kidney!


Shepherds Pie                                        $4.20

USDA Sirloin Beef and seasoned gravy baked in our

Aussie homemade crust with a creamy mashed potato top.


Steak & Pepper Pie                                  $4.00

USDA Sirloin Beef, seasoned gravy & ground black pepper


BBQ Chicken Pie                                     $4.60

Chicken breast mixed with special BBQ sauce

in a triangle of our flaky pastry.                  


Chicken Vegetable Pie                             $4.40

Peas, corn, carrots, & beans with roasted chicken breast

cooked in a chicken broth gravy and our flaky pastry


Outback-Chicken Pie                              $4.60

Diced chicken breast with pepper jack & Parmesan cheese,

wrapped up in a our flaky pastry pillow


Curry Lamb Pie                                       $4.30

Potatoes, peas, carrots, & corn with curry  & diced

Australian lamb covered in our flaky pastry    


Cornish Pastie                                           $4.15

USDA Sirloin Beef, potatoes, carrots, onions, peas and corn

with our special seasoning, in our flaky pastry crust


Sausage Roll                                            $2.90

USDA Ground beef, breadcrumbs and seasoning

wrapped in our flaky pastry roll  

(Australia’s Hotdog)


English Pork Pie                                                           $4.60

Minced pork & bacon seasoned with thyme &

a dash of seasonings in our short crust pastry


*Veggie Pastie                                             $4.00

Potatoes, carrots, onions, peas & corn with

our special seasoning, in our flaky pastry crust




Pavlova                                                                 $2.75

 Light as air, a delicate meringue crust topped with

fresh cream & strawberries (Australia’s national dessert).

Lamingtons                                                         $2.40

A light sponge cake dipped in chocolate &

covered with fine coconut.  (a tea time favorite)

Vanilla Slice                                                         $2.40

A made from scratch, cooked vanilla custard filling, between

two of our flaky pastry sheets covered with vanilla icing.

Jam Tarts                                                             $1.10

Shortbread tarts filled with spicy fruit mince,

sweet jam, lemon, apricot or raspberry.

Anzac Biscuits                                                    $1.20

An all-Australian cookie (we call them biscuits).

They are a tradition arising from WWI when they were made

to send to our fighting boys overseas. 

A crunchy, oatmeal sweet treat.

Fruit Mince                                                          $2.40

Golden raisins, currants, cake crumbs with a

short bread crust and a touch of sherry for luck.


Signature Sandwiches

Sandwich only:   $6.35

Combo with a medium fountain drink & chips:  $8.75


Croc Hunter Chicken  (By crikey it’s good!) Roasted chicken breast (we roast it right here and season it with Basil & Oregano), Swiss cheese, mayonnaise, tomatoes, green leaf lettuce and spicy mustard on a sesame seed roll

Great White Shark-  (Sink your teeth into this one!) Homemade tuna salad, Swiss cheese, green leaf lettuce, tomatoes, with our own special Caesar dressing on a 9-grain roll

Down Under Beef- (Direct from the outback!) Roast beef, provolone cheese, mayonnaise, our homemade tomato chutney, green leaf lettuce, and tomatoes on a whole-wheat roll

Dundee Ham Sandwich- (Mick’s favorite when in town!) Ham and Swiss cheese, tomatoes, green leaf lettuce, mayonnaise, and spicy mustard on an Aussie favorite, cheddar bacon roll.

Dundee Turkey Sandwich- (You’ll go walkabout over this one!) Sliced turkey, cranberry sauce, & mayonnaise topped with green leaf lettuce & tomatoes on a 9-grain roll

*Koala Veggie Sandwichä- (Sheila’s, this one’s for you!) We roast eggplant, zucchini, red/green bell peppers, and top it with provolone cheese and roasted red pepper vinaigrette sauce on a poppy seed roll (usually served cold, but we can heat it on request)


Choose from fresh baked in-store cheddar bacon, poppy seed, sesame seed, whole-wheat, white, or 9-grain rolls.