• Fish & Chips

Traditional Aussie Fish & Chips
 only available in the Marietta store  

1 piece of fish (choose from whiting, tilapia or flake) dipped in our unique batter and deep fried to perfection

Add chips to any other menu item or ‘ave ‘em just on their own (add gravy for another 50cents)

Dim Sims

We make our Dim Sims by hand just like you find them back home.

Pork or Chicken

A full slice of a really big spud (potato) dunked in our unique batter and deep fried.(some call this a potato scallop)


Add mashed potato, peas & gravy to any of our

Aussie meat pie selection for a little extra

Want it to go?  We will wrap it the old-fashioned way, in butcher's paper!

Please feel free to call ahead to place your order